People go to when they mean to buy a new device for scanning photos. In simple words, a scanner is a tool used to duplicate images from paper media into the form of a file, which can later be duplicated or edited easily. In the scanner, there are several parts that function differently, among others, the glass scan, the control buttons, and the cover.

Of course, as the owner, you want to use the tool for every need related to photo scanning. To ensure that your device can be used for long periods of time, do the treatment in the right way. How to care for the scanner can be done alone, as long as know the function of the parts on the scanner. Caring for a scanner is very important to do because by doing maintenance work the scanner will work well. Some problems caused by rarely taking care of the scanner, among others, the resulting image will not be clear, there is a deviation on the results of the scan, or the worst is the scanner can not run properly because there has been damaged. Especially if it will require scanners for urgent purposes, scanners that can not function properly, of course, will make us trouble themselves. Therefore, with a little knowing the function and how to clean the parts on the scanner then we can do it or take care of the scanner itself, especially at leisure time.

Do not forget to clean the surface of the glass scan. When cleaning this section, use a cleaning cloth that has a smooth surface with microfiber material, so that the fabric fibers are not left behind or attached to the glass scan. When scanning material from thick magazines or books, you should not use the scanner cover, or force it to close tightly. Because if forced, it can cause the hinge cover of the scanner will loosen or even damaged.