Have you been suffering from anxiety lately? Is your anxiety also accompanied by heart palpitations? Do your anxieties come suddenly and make your feelings unfashionable? If you feel that way, you are exposed to the anxiety disorder or in the scientific language called anxiety disorder. If you want to be able to solve such that health issues on your own without the help of professional, then you can benefit from the best book for anxiety sufferers. In general, no one wants to suffer from any mental health. However, you don’t need to get worried since this book can help you relieve an anxiety you are facing.

Anxiety disorder is one of the mental disorders that cause sufferers to experience great anxiety and excessive. The anxiety that affects all aspects of life, weakens, paralyzes and has a serious impact on everyday life. Here are the causes of anxiety disorders:

– Stress

The results showed that severe stress or prolonged stress can alter brain cells in the brain associated with emotional control. It is this stress that gradually develops and causes anxiety disorder or anxiety disorder. If you want to prevent suffering from anxiety, then you must be able to manage your stress.

– Traumatic

The traumatic trauma of the past has the potential to cause later emotional distress, including causing anxiety disorders.

– Genetics

Genetic factors or family history also became one of the causes of this anxiety disorder. People with a family history of an anxiety disorder have the susceptibility to passing on the disorder to their offspring.

– The existence of changes in brain structure

Any change in brain structure that occurs due to a particular disease or injury can cause the appearance of this anxiety disorder. Especially if the change in brain structure that occurs associated with the nerves that control emotions.