The easiest step you can do to change the atmosphere of the house or room is to change the color of the wall paint. Unfortunately, we often give up first because we imagine the hassles and the number of costs that have to be paid to pay the repairman. Actually, if you only paint the room, you do it yourself. The advantage, besides being able to paint according to taste, of course, saves the cost of the craftsman. Meanwhile, you can hire the Painters Brisbane if you want a satisfying painting result for your house.

Follow these steps of preparation before trying:

Prepare the tool

The first thing, you must prepare the equipment for painting, such as masking tape, duct tape, newspaper, stairs, sandpaper, putty, brush, water can, paint and roller.

Prepare beforehand so that when you work you don’t have to bother looking for and wasting longer time.

Clean the wall

The wall to be painted must be cleaned beforehand from dust. The aim is to produce a smooth and flat wall surface. You can clean the wall using a vacuum cleaner, broom, or duster.

If there are large stains on the wall, clean it using a sponge and detergent-mixed water. Then, leave it for a moment until the wall dries.

Cover the unpainted parts

Cover the part of the room that you don’t want to paint, such as window frames, door handles, ceiling edges, and so on. Cover using duct tape or masking tape.

While other items around the painting area can be covered with newspapers, so you don’t get paint splashes. You should also cover the floor with a newspaper mat or board to keep the floor clean.

After painting, immediately pull the masking tape or duct tape before the paint dries to avoid the paint being pulled out.

Close cracks on walls

If there are cracks in the wall, you must close it with putty first. Flatten putty using sandpaper until smooth. Also, apply the paint primer before painting so that the finish is flat and shiny.