Having tennis shoes is certainly a necessity if you are counted often and love tennis. As a type of sport that requires many players to move, it needs to be supported with good shoes. You can consider some brands after you read tennis shoe review when you want to buy tennis shoes.

After having the right shoes and satisfying quality, don’t get bored or lazy to take good care of them. One treatment that can make it durable is proper storage, here are some tips:

Prepare a special shoe cabinet

Ensuring the storage of one shoe is right, it is recommended to prepare a special closet. You can also use a drawer at the bottom of the wardrobe because it is important to protect it from dust. Try not to mix with clothes because the storage technique is different, and if it is reckless it will be easily damaged.

Make sure it is clean and dry before storing it,

After being used ideally, tennis shoes are immediately washed so that they are always in a clean condition. It is also safe to save immediately because the shoes are really clean before entering the storage cabinet. You must make sure the shoes are completely dry to avoid the smell of musty as well as mold. If it has been attacked by fungus, the shoes will be brittle and unpleasant to wear.

Add silica gel

If it happens that the area where you live tends to be cold and very humid, then it’s good to add silica gel. In addition to cold areas, silica gel is also suitable for hot air places. Its main function is to absorb the unpleasant aroma that is released from the shoe material, so it is safe to add. The shape is small and can be inserted into a small bag so that it can be tucked into favorite tennis shoes, guaranteed to smell good even though rarely removed from the closet.