Peach seed-based floor tiles were first created by Le Roux to coat the floor of his house in Paarl, South Africa. According to its history, the peach seed floor has been used by the people of South Africa for a long time. It was only in 2004 that this tile was produced. At that time, Le Roux only produced tiles to be installed in his house blog link. However, thanks to the insistence of relatives and friends, he was willing to take part in a business idea design competition. After winning the competition, Le Roux finally produced peach seed tiles in bulk. Now, you can order this unique floor through the Le Roux site. The traditional tile that gives a warm impression has received a lot of praise and has been reviewed by many well-known interior design designers. On the other hand, you may call the Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches when your tiles get covered in stains and dust.

Cork wine bottle

Jelinek Cork, a Canadian company utilizing wine bottle corks into beautiful tiles. The company which was founded in 1855 also claims that the cork-tiled floors that it produced in the mid-1950s are still in perfect condition today. This tile has many advantages, including able to muffle sound, durable and can even be used for toilets and kitchens, anti-allergic, waterproof, and resistant to mold. Historically, cork tiles have been used by European society since the late Middle Ages and were only known in North America in the following centuries. Now, cork tiles made by Jelinek Cork have been distributed to various countries in the world.

Bottle cap

Not only cork clogs, but bottle caps made of tin can also be converted into tiles. According to some people who have tried it, the application of bottle caps to floor tiles is quite simple. First, they coat the floor with planar / putty, then seal the cleaned bottle taped one by one to the floor. In order for the bottle cap to be placed does not contain air which can damage the floor, the bottle cap is filled with a special glue or it can also be with the plain dough. After that, to give a more glossy finish, the floor is painted with high gloss transparent paint.

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