A unique one from CS: GO, regardless of how it looks much better now, it still exudes a classic CS aura that’s so thick. If you’ve ever played a CS series in the past, then you will immediately get a familiar feeling that is so thick when playing this latest series. What is the cause? The presence of some iconic folders in the past may be one of the elements that will leave that first impression on you. Classic folders like Dust, Dust 2, Italy, Inferno, Train, to Aztec are presented with the same designs, as we know them. However, that does not mean Valve does not modify these maps at all. In the meantime, you may check out Csgotradezone on Facebook if you want a better place to buy CS: GO merchandises.

In addition, some folders get a significant reshuffle with the addition of an extra path to ensure a more balanced and dynamic battle between CTs and Terror. Some simple elements such as boxes/drums commonly used to do cover and camping are now shifted, removed, and added. But basically, these folders remain the iconic battlefields you’ve known for a long time.

The nostalgic impression from CS: GO is also not only obtained from various iconic folders that remain included in it but from the gameplay mechanism itself. Valve apparently insisted on maintaining the identity of this latest series as a Counter-Strike game we once knew and was not interested in giving him a significant overhaul. There is no attempt to make it as a “clone” for military shooter games that are popular today. You will still find the same fighting way: buy weapons at the beginning of the game and then move to kill the opposing team and achieve their respective missions in a classic way. The weapons you hold will also offer the same “taste”, with similar recoil systems and the same way of using. For those of you who come face to face with ironsight just like any other FPS game, you have to be disappointed. CS: GO still requires you to rely on crosshair in sight and some zoom up for certain weapons. It’s still the same old Counter-Strike that we know!