Job interviews are still a scourge for some people, especially job seekers who have just graduated from college. How come? Aside from the CV, every story and gesture displayed by you can be assessed by HRD. Your shadow will be the sharp eyes and questions of HRD. In the meantime, you may go to the job centre online whenever you’re looking for a new job site here.

From now on, stay away from your scourge! Here are 3 leaked job interview tips that make HRD captivated.

HRD likes interviewees who have preparation. At least, you already know how to apply to the company and the position applied

HRD often asks what you know from the company being applied. Sometimes, you will also be asked about what you know and how you work in the position proposed. This is to test whether you actually applied for the job knowing your abilities and interests. Not just random.

According to experts, people who have made preparations regarding the company’s knowledge will be more attractive in the eyes of HRD. He already knew what company the company was applying for, had knowledge, and experience about what was done.

Don’t forget to be communicative with your interviewer. They are happy if you do not answer briefly and soberly

When HRD asks, don’t just give “yes” or “no” answers. Don’t answer too short. Actually, HRD questions are the question of inducement so you want to tell us more than what is on the CV. Therefore, it would be nice if you convey things that are not written on the CV.

When talking about organizations, continue with what you have and your achievements there. But, not too much so that HRD is not bored!

Enthusiastically asking questions related to existing job openings is not taboo. The interviewer will see how much you are interested

In general, this will illustrate your great intention to join the company. In particular, you are also interested in the vacancies that you apply for. You can ask what the task really is. Have your expectations been the same as the real task? Then how is the performance and work culture assessment there?