Carpets can be used to beautify the interior of your home. Especially if the carpet you have is of good quality. For example, vintage rugs. Vintage carpets usually have a more expensive price. Therefore you must diligently clean it so it doesn’t look dull. Real vintage carpet care is not as complicated as imagined. But if the treatment is not right, vintage carpets can actually be damaged. On the other hand, you should call the trusted Carpet Cleaning North Shore if you can’t clean your carpet by yourself the hills carpet cleaning.

Here are 5 ways to properly clean a vintage carpet:

1. Study the material

Vintage carpets are usually made of high-quality wool. That is why it is recommended that the carpet be washed by professional staff. It’s good before buying a carpet, you ask the seller of carpet materials and when was the last carpet cleaned.

2. Call the Expert

The price of vintage carpets is usually expensive and requires certain soaps or brushes. After that, the carpet will usually be cleaned repeatedly to make sure there is no residual soap attached.

If you clean your own carpet at home regardless of the ingredients and soap used, it can make your vintage carpet damaged.

3. Clean thoroughly

Don’t just clean the carpet at the top. You also have to clean the bottom. Repeat several times on the bottom and top so the carpet is really clean.

You can clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the carpet can also be done once a month or even twice.

4. Don’t Leave Stains

If your carpet is made of wool, you really don’t need to worry because it has lanolin, natural oil that can prevent stains from sticking.

However, if stains appear on your carpet, it should be cleaned immediately. If the stain is not oil, you can clean it with a paper towel and a little water. Don’t rub or brush the carpet to clean the stain.

5. Avoid Steam and Dry Clean

Never steam or dry clean when cleaning the carpet. Both of these techniques can damage the carpet. The chemical will damage the wool on the carpet.

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