The first thing you will definitely do is meet with the owner of the clothes and do service reception. Do it carefully, calculate the number of clothes you want to wash, calculate the weight accurately, record the amount of weight, what type is chosen, the length of service, the price and on behalf of who the service is. In the meantime, if you want to accept orders from hotels and hospitals, we recommend you buy the best industrial washing machine from GEMLSA.

Washing Process

Next step you have to be careful before you start, choose the type of clothing before entering it. Separate between colored clothes and material types. This must be considered carefully, so as to avoid the risk of damage from the clothes. If there is clothing made from special materials, it’s best to separate and wash manually. Because each material has different shrinkage power.

Choose quality detergent and softener so that the clothes can be washed well and clean. Then enter the laundry soap into the dispenser and don’t forget the softener then let it work until it’s finished.

In order for comfortable clothing to be used, the fabric softening process is very necessary, use a suitable softener, so that the clothes do not smell musty and make the fabric fibers soft so that the ironing process does not take long.

Drying Process

In this way, you have to dry the total to 100%. In clothes that are polyurethane and lycra such as swimsuits, curly cords, parachute sweaters, etc. must be considered always, because these materials contain plastic and rubber fibers. So when drying only for just a little 15 to 20 minutes.

Ironing Process

After you dry clothes from the dryer you can do it for ironing, so that the clothes don’t tangle and look neat. Make sure all sides are neat and careful with areas of sensitive material (such as labels on the bottom of the clothes and brands contained in each garment) because it will make it melt and give it an itchy effect when worn. Using iron, the type of ironer also affects the quality of this process, in addition to the knowledge of how to iron the type of material/fabric.

After that, you just need to pack the clothes neatly and put them in an organized rack.