A package that you will send it must be packed properly and perfectly so not experience any damage when it reached the destination. Various items in the package must be maintained properly in order to get to the destination well and without any damage or deficiency. You can get all the necessities in packing up the items in Ad Pack so that the package you are packing can be stored perfectly.

To avoid the possibility of damage to the package you send, you must know first characteristics of the goods to be bundled. Moreover, you also need to know the various materials that are usually used to package the package of the shipment. various materials that are normally used are

1. Cardboard
This is a material made of a corrugated sheet or corrugated paperboard. Usually cardboard used as an additional packaging for goods that are not easily damaged such as shoes, accessories, bags and various knick-knacks. Cardboard can withstand the occurrence of falling, stacking, or collision with other objects. The cardboard will serve to hold the outer diameter that depends on the number of layers of flute and liner.

2. Bubble wrap
This material is a plastic sheet that is flexible and has a function to reduce vibration. These packaging can be formed into a bag and can be used to protect objects from moisture or moist air that can damage the outer packaging and inside the package.

3. Styrofoam
Materials that are usually used as a retainer can be created in the form of sheets or even boxes to package the items you will package it. this material is very reliable to package parcel shipments such as electronic goods, fruits, and glassware because it is watertight, and can reduce vibration and pressure from the outside.

4. Envelopes
This material is used to package left packages such as documents and letters. Envelopes are very useful for maintaining the confidentiality of the contents of the document. then, no wonder if many people use it.