The use of a scooter or electric motor is certainly a lot in now. This is because there are various benefits that can be felt by the use of these vehicles. for that reason, many people use escooter for their daily needs. That way, they can also save costs on the expenditure of fuel commonly used by the ordinary motor.

However, when using an electric motor, you certainly will not be separated from the many problems that come to you when it rains. There are some things that motorcyclists usually feel when the rains come, like

– Exposed to puddles due to other riders
The streets in the rain will definitely make a lot of traffic on every road segment. This is also something that annoys me. While you are riding a motorcycle in a relaxed manner
abruptly from the back of the motor racing fastly next to us, and we are exposed to splashes of rainwater from the biker. There must be mixed feelings in our mind, but it is a risk in the rain of mates, so be patient while experiencing this.

– Vehicle gets dirty
In the time before going, we’ve washed the motor to look clean and beautiful, er fit on the road, the motor becomes dirty again hit by rain, dirty again. Usually if lazy to wash the motor again, we can go to the motor wash, yes despite having to spend money. But no matter yes, rather than having tired-tired to wash the motor again.

– Forgot to bring a raincoat
In the rainy season, surely we all have prepared equipment such as raincoats, but what is the power if in the rain comes, we forget to bring raincoats or raincoats left behind at home. It’s better to wait for the rain to stop than to get to the destination with all the wet clothes.