First, the barista will face the coffee shop manager, and this is where the barista is tested before work. How a barista makes their fresh roasted coffee beverage, how to pour milk for a latte dish, how to make a manual brew and other techniques good life coffee.

Friendly and polite in service

It depends on how the coffee shop concept is, but in general baristas will deal directly with customers, so baristas need to be friendly and polite. Not only does it understand serving delicious coffee, but having a polite person to respond to questions or suggestions from customers.

Flexible and reliable

The challenge of working as a barista is working on holidays. Because the manager of the coffee shop will definitely be interested in baristas who are willing to work on holidays because usually holidays will be crowded with visitors.
Able to work together

The expertise of a barista is indeed the main thing, but working with the staff team will be a plus. Communication skills with fellow staff are very important, even this communication will be serious when communicating with customers. How to respond to customer complaints, and how to respond to strange questions about coffee from customers.

Barista Training Must Become A Routine

Learn about Coffee from Seed to Cup

Baristas are arguably the spearhead of the success of coffee farmers if coffee farmers manage to give their best coffee beans, now the barista task is to package them in delicious coffee. However, to make a delicious coffee dish needs a lot of consideration, it is necessary to master the insights about coffee from seed to a cup of coffee. How do coffee terms develop, and what are the coffee trends for reference.

Train and repeat training

To serve to steep delicious coffee, not because of luck, but it is supported by how we regularly train it. A barista must also equip coffee equipment in their home, so they can repeat the exercises in the home kitchen, and when they are in a coffee shop there is no need for heavy training that takes a lot of time.