Some time ago Instagram was excited by a viral posting about a man’s photo. How not, apparently the chest of the man enlarged like a woman’s breast. Netizens were also made curious about how this could happen, whether a disease or indeed a birth disorder. In the meantime, perhaps you also want to know about how to get rid of puffy nipples.

About the strange disease that infects the man, it turns out that after tracing it can happen to men everywhere. Yes, this man boobs disease occurs due to various factors, ranging from health to lifestyle. In order not to be curious, here is complete information about the disorder.

What is man boobs?

In fact, from the name alone, we already know, yes, an abnormality in the enlarged chest of a man like a woman. Medically, this disease is usually referred to as gynecomastia. Generally, diseases like this occur in those over the age of 30 years, but some are affected when they are young.

Apparently, this happened because of eating patterns and unhealthy life. Indeed, basically, this man boobs is a hormone disorder due to certain factors. Yes, the short-term estrogen hormone which is usually a lot on the female body increases dramatically for special reasons. As a result, enlarging a man’s chest seems like a woman’s breast.

Fast food can increase the likelihood of occurring

As already explained, this disorder occurs due to a large amount of estrogen in the male body. This can happen because it is influenced by many factors, one of which is food consumption. Yes, it seems likely that a man has this kind of disorder because they consume too much food or drinks containing estrogen as well.

For example soy milk, tofu or everything made from soybeans. Besides that, fast food is also the cause of this disorder, because the increase in fat and other content in the body causes the hormone estrogen in a person’s body to become abundant.