When will make a building you need. Usually, you will design the building and do the construction of the design. this is what sometimes often deceive you to choose a building designer or contractor. In fact, the two jobs are clearly different. Obras Civiles – Constructora is one of the contractors that you can use to create a building that you have a design before.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who can not distinguish between contractors, architects or even building designers or rooms. All the work is clearly different and you have to know the difference.

Usually, the architect will design the building you need in accordance with your wishes and more realistic to be true.
If you already have a blueprint of design or drawings of the house from the architect or interior designer, then the next step is to use the services of contractors. But what exactly does the contractor do?

The Contractor itself has the understanding of the person or business entity that receives and performs the work in accordance with the cost specified in the drawings or designs, rules and conditions set out.

As the project implementer, the contractor has a detailed framework. Prior to implementing the project, the contractor usually has a prior meeting with the prospect to measure the location and conduct the initial survey. From there, it concluded the materials used and cost estimates. The majority of contractors usually set the cost of each meeting with the customer or the cost of the survey to the location. This is actually fair, considering the contractor is a business entity that has obtained the Certificate of Business Entity and Construction Service Business License. Thus, if using the services of contractors, of course, the guarantee and warranty provided by their parties will be more reliable.

Another case with contractors who sometimes often misinterpreted as a contractor. The head of the contractor himself is a foreman. Usually, the contractor only gives a rough sketch to the customer. The work itself is based on his experience as a craftsman. But that does not mean the quality of the contractor’s work is always worse than the contractor.