Watching movies is not just the bus you do in the cinema. Now, you can watch movies through Newest Movie HD that you can watch on your phone. There are many genres of movies with titles that are also very much you can watch anytime and anywhere you want to watch it.

Movies can sometimes bring you into the past and make you nostalgic for those times. If you have free time to just watch a movie. You can watch some timeless movies by this time to fill your spare time.

1. Home Alone
The film is synonymous with this Christmas is always successful entertaining the audience since 1990 until now. Although classified as an old movie, but this film is never forgotten even always remembered by movie lovers who love comedy movies. In fact, until now, this movie still has many fans. Telling a child who must live alone at home at Christmas due to being left behind by his parents and having to create a clever trap for criminals who intend to rob in his home. With a simple story, this film never fails to entertain its audience.

2. Love Actually
Released in 2003, this comedy is perfect for watching with loved ones. With a variety of problems packaged in a single film, the film never fails to touch the hearts of its audience. With a very popular story, namely love, this film tells the story of love and how to find a way out for every problem faced.

3. The Polar Express
One of the animated films that were never eaten by this time told of the adventures of a boy to the north pole who was picked up by train to go to where the class saint Claus lived. A very simple story makes this movie never bored to watch.

In addition to these films, there are many other movies that you can watch in your spare time limited. But, make sure you check it at home through your smartphone to save time.