In general, Dashboard Camera is a camera recorder that is designed to be placed on the car and can perform the process of recording as long as we drive. There are many functions of this tool, ranging from hobbies to being a testament to traffic accidents. To find out more about the cam dashboard, you can visit the website of vdashcam.

Before you decide on the choice of Dashboard Camera to buy, you need to know what are the considerations that need to be considered especially about the important features owned by Dashboard Camera available on the market. After getting to know what features are there, you can choose Dashboard Camera that suits your needs. Here are some general considerations to consider before buying a dashboard camera:

– Make sure Dashboard Camera has basic features like a continuous loop, emergency recording, and G-Force sensor. Continuous loop is the process of removing the initial recording if the storage memory in the Dashboard Camera is full, so there is enough memory to store the most recent recording. The emergency recording is the recording process on the Dashboard Camera that starts recording when something emerges. This emergency situation is triggered by the active G-force sensor. An example is when a sudden collision or braking occurs.

– Image quality is an important aspect of the assessment of Dashboard Camera. With good quality, you can view images remotely through the camera with details and no shocks. The image quality is represented by the image resolution as well as the capture speed or Frame Per Second (FPS) capabilities. Images with 720p resolution are good enough, but now Dashboard Camera with 1080p image quality has started easily found in the market. For the record, the difference in image quality between 1080p with 720p is quite large and significant. It is recommended to select Dashboard Camera with 1080p resolution and minimum 30FPS. In addition, also need to note the wide shooting (viewing angle) that can be done by Dashboard Camera. The greater the viewing angle value that can be provided by the Dashboard Camera, the better it is because of the more area covered by the Dashboard Camera.