Designing a girls’ bedroom can be a very exciting activity for parents and little girls. Regardless of how to raise a child, generally a child can already occupy a private bedroom when stepping around the age of 7 years and above. In fact, in some families, there are also children who have been accustomed to sleep alone since the very early age. You can also buy adjustable beds for your kids.

Here are some design tips for girls bedroom for a small age, teenagers to adulthood.

– Simple and Timeless

The important thing to remember in designing a child’s bedroom girls is the decor of the room that can last longer and grow together along with its development.

Prioritize simple design with timeless nuances such as painted walls and not wallpapers of certain characters, selection of white or bright furniture and neutral backdrop rooms. By creating a “neutral canvas”, the girls’ bedroom will be easily adapted to the themes of the times and tastes without much re-loading. In addition, the rooms are neutral shades will also look more cool and cool.

– Beautiful shapes

Although simple and neutral, it does not mean that parents should not experiment with colorful decorations or brightly cheery motifs. In easy-to-replace furniture such as easy-to-replace cushions, reclining bed headboards to small cushions that are also easily dismantled at all times.

– Consider the Taste & Character of the Child

Parents should also consider the tastes and character of children when designing the bedroom girls. For girls who are girly, prefer a soft and feminine theme, while for energetic girls, there is no harm in playing with other colors that are more expressive and dominant.

– Enough Storage

A good daughters bedroom should also have enough storage space or drawer. As he grows up, girls will have a lot of things that will be stored for his needs. Find storage space that is easy to reach, but still safe and sufficient in terms of shape and capacity.