Using the event management company in Malaysia is one way to ensure an event is going well, whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding anniversary or a baby shower. But if the budget is limited, you can still create your own party with the help of friends or close relatives. These tips from the founders of event management for the party can be planned and executed well and smoothly, like using professional services!

1. Budget
Before making a party, we recommend that you plan your budget in detail. Prepare and calculate the cost that will be incurred when having a party without the help of party planner. If the cost becomes one of the obstacles, then you can make a party at home so as not to spend additional funds to rent a place.

2. Invite List
Preparing and selecting the list of guests to be invited is very important. Like baby show events for example, invite close friends who number no more than 20 people. In addition to minimizing expenses, the party with these little members seemed more intimate and warm.

3. Time
In preparing the party, the problem of time is also one of the important things. Better prepare enough time to throw a party. Do not suddenly in preparing the event, because later not maximal preparation.

4. Food
A party, like a birthday party, certainly will not impress without a birthday cake and also with food dishes. Make a list of foods to be served when having a party. Find a catering service at an affordable price, or you can make your own food. Do not hesitate to ask help friends or relatives who are cooking experts.

5. Decorations
Placement of decorations can also be one thing to watch out for. If the room inside the house is comfortable for a party, then the room decor is not necessary. The decor here is more to the arrangement of the table like a cupcake table dessert table, cookies, and the existing of backdrop but not necessarily large.