There are several things that must be considered in applying colors to your website. In this article, we will explain to you what you should do when you combine colors into website design. Before that, you can visit Dallas SEO Web Design if you need help designing your website.

1. Use the color of your brand

The color of your brand identity is important to always be applied to various media, including online media such as websites as a form of corporate branding. An example is the Coca Cola website that applies its brand identity, red. Don’t use colors that are far different from the color of your brand, because that will make the impression unprofessional and inconsistent. Use brand colors as the main color in your business branding.

2. Apply color psychology

Unconsciously, color is able to influence someone’s mind. When we visit a website page, the eye will be interested in paying attention to something that looks different and prominent. after understanding a number of explanations about previous color theory, you can apply it to your website design. Like the bright hot colors, it is effective enough to attract attention, if used as important information, buttons, links, headlines, etc. Likewise with soothing cool colors can be used as background, text or paragraphs, etc.

3. Adjust colors to the target market

Every consumer has a different color attraction according to age and sex. Likewise, every business field will always be different in applying color related to business professionals. As an example of cheerful colors that appear fun and enjoyable, it will be more effective to be used to target babies/children and women consumers and be used in a more relaxed business field. Very ineffective, if the cheerful colors are used to target consumers and business fields that are more serious and professional, such as contracting business, politics, accountants, law, etc.