Making your own steak at home can save you a budget, and of course, every family member can be more satisfied with enjoying steak according to taste. Therefore, you need to know the tactics of grilling the topped steak. Here’s the trick that we’re going to share with you. However, before we continue, perhaps you should check out Paradise Grilling Systems when you want to buy grilling equipment, as well as helping the children who are suffering from cancer at the same time.

Choose fresh meat

As much as possible use fresh meat if you want to make steak. Use stored meat not later than 3 days, and for best results, do not use frozen meat.


Make sure the grill is clean. Crush the appliance before it is heated, then pan the appliance closed for 10 minutes before the roasting process starts.

Prune meat

Set aside the fat from the meat, then season with salt and pepper.

Stay closed

Make sure the appliance stays closed while baking, and do not overtake the meat too often. Bake the first side for a few minutes, then the other side for a few minutes.

Roasting time

This is very important to note because it can affect the soft texture of meat. For boneless meat, for example, with a thickness of 1- 1 1/2 inches, it must be baked for 3 minutes on each side for a half-cooked size. While bacon with the same thickness takes longer, which is 4 minutes per side.

Time may be added to undercooked meat, which is 1 minute for each side, while if the desired meat is very cooked, then add 6 minutes per side.

Don’t stick the meat

When moving or turning the meat, avoid using a fork. Use a clamp or spatula with a smooth edge so that the texture of the meat is not damaged.

Observe the temperature

If you use a meat thermometer, use 145 F (62.78 C) for half-cooked, 160 F (71.1 C) to cook, and 165 F (73.89) for very mature ones. Good luck!