The flashlight is the main reason why there are restaurants that prohibit customers to photograph food or drink while in the restaurant. Not only will flash lights create distractions that annoy other customers who are enjoying their food, sometimes excessive flash can make a food look cheap like the example photo above. In the meantime, perhaps you need to see Wynn buffet prices as well.

For some restaurants, it does provide illuminating lights or even a little dark. This is what then triggers someone to use the flash when shooting, although the lights will certainly interfere. To prevent this, you should not use flash and try to raise the ISO only. For users of smartphones, smartphones now have many models that provide settings to turn off the flash when using Night Mode though. No need to hesitate to try shooting in that mode without flash, because the dish you want to photograph is not a moving object so it will be easy to get photos without blur.

Shrink Brightness Level On Your Phone

Although not using flashlights at all, the phone screen is too bright it can also disrupt customers around, especially in restaurants with illuminated lamp lighting or dark. Especially if you use a camera tablet that screen size is much larger than a regular phone. In addition, the mobile phone screen is too bright to attract the attention of customers and make you stared at many people, especially those who feel disturbed. The best solution is to shrink the brightness level on your gadget device and immediately turn off the screen (lock the phone) after you finish wearing it for shooting.

Probably for some people, the sound of the shutter when taking a good photo to be heard. But if the shutter sound is too tight, it certainly can make other disturbing distraction for customers who are in the same restaurant. Especially if the restaurant does not put the music is too loud and tend to slow, then the sound of the shutter when shooting will sound very clear.