If you are interested in trying out the Dufan Ancol ride and playing arung jeram dufan, it’s good to listen to the following tips so that your vacation is free from obstacles.

– Because Dunia Fantasi is an amusement park with an outdoor concept, then what do you think about the heat of this place? It’s good to wear clothes that are comfortable and easily absorb sweat. Avoid wearing dark clothing because it will feel hotter when exposed to sunlight than brightly colored clothes.

– Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes. Especially if you plan to try a ride that requires you to have fun. If not, you must be prepared to take the risk of catching a cold due to a day wearing wet clothes.

– If you don’t want to jostle with other visitors and avoid long queues, you can come on weekdays. Because usually on holidays or weekends, this place will be filled with tourists.

– Because the amusement park is quite extensive, you can diligently check the map of the Dufan Ancol ride which is located at some point so that it is easy to find the ride you want and not get lost when looking for it.

– If you want to save money, you can be diligent in checking Dufan Ancol’s official website to find information about the entrance ticket promo. Because on several occasions, there are usually certain promos and you can pay lower ticket prices than they should.

– Before visiting, don’t forget to check the operating schedule of the Dufan Ancol ride. Because there are several rides that only operate at certain hours.

– The best time to come to this entertainment place is not during the rainy season. Because when it rains, some of the rides will not be operated for the safety of visitors.