Stick drum is a vital tool when someone wants to play a drum. As if we eat rice but do not use the rice we continue to eat what? well so does the drum when we play drums but no stick continues to play what? Because this tool is very vital in playing drums then there is no harm too we know the quality of some manufacturers of drumsticks is quite famous, and they’re often to be considered as some of the best drumsticks.

1. Zildjian

This brand is one example of Zildjian product. This product is the most famous product among other stick products. This stick is made from maple wood, which is wood commonly found in North America, and has a very hard power when we use it properly. But we must pay attention when buying this model stick is authenticity.Because of this product many imitating.Before buy should be hit slowly when it looks light then it is sure it is imitation, but when solid contains it is the original stick.

2.Hot Rod sticks

This stick is a very strong stick because of its thickness and is suitable for acoustic drum playing. Because of this strength, we can play powerful music, such as rock, Punk.Metal, Hardcore, and another genre.Our American manufacturer offers a price of 145,000 for a pair of the stick. The weakness is this type of stick is quite heavy so we must have a technique so that our arms are not too tired swung it. Manufacturers are less well known in many countries so than that they fix the price is quite a mahal.Stick is also the same as Zildjian that is as much imitation and imitation.

3. First

Stick model is the perfect performance, extra strong and is the most comfortable stick in the grasp.Not easily broken, in accordance with the motto “TAMA THE STRONGEST NAME IN DRUMS”. But unfortunately stick this model rarely appear in the market of Asia now.