The types of sling bags that men use are not much different from the sling bags that women use. The difference is seen in terms of a more masculine design and rarely found beads such as women’s feminine bag. Initially, the sling bag is often used by postal officers to carry letters or newspapers due to easier access to the compartment than with a backpack. In 1950, began to look stretched development of sling bag design by the company De Martini Globe Canvas which makes sling bags for electrical technicians to be practical in bringing equipment during the move. In the 1970s and 1980s, the use of sling bags began a trend used by employees in New York. Then in 1984, a designer named John Peters renewed the sling design produced by Martini Globe Canvas before. As a result, the design was welcomed by the fans of the bag which then made the standard bag making a sling to this day. In today’s modern era, the development of the sling bag becomes very diverse. From minimalist design to luxurious design. Among the diverse designs of sling bags, can be grouped into the following types; Briefcase is a bag used to carry documents, usually used by men to go to the office. The form of a briefcase for men tends to looks formal, has a lot of pockets on the inside, how to carry it with a carry. In its development, the briefcase design of the more diverse forms not only shaped box also has a strap for the sling on the shoulder.

As technology goes by, many people take laptops while on the go. So this laptop sling bag is very practical to pack your laptop when going to the office, campus and other places. This laptop sling bag is of course equipped with a laptop compartment that has a special layer to keep the laptop from vibration and shock. As the name implies, the shoulder bag is a sling bag used on the shoulder that has a size smaller than a messenger bag. This type of sling bag is also mostly used while relaxing as well as complement the fashion of men while traveling. Not only women who use the clutch bag but men also look more trendy using this type of bag during the event relaxed. This type of bag is small, containing only essential items such as cell phones, money and identity cards. Sling bag men, of course, have different designs with sling bag women, for men are usually worn used crosswise with bag compartments are on the back or in the chest. Bags like this are usually used by cyclists. The tote bag is a type of bag made from thinner than the material bag usually. It has a simple shape, usually box-shaped with a short strap to wear on the shoulder. This type of sling bag is usually only used for carrying books and other light items.