Smoking in the open is good for reducing levels of cigarette smoke in the lungs. Imagine if you smoke in the bathroom by turning off the air circulation. For once twice may be resistant, but for a long time, will certainly interfere with the process of breathing. Smoking in the open is also good for appreciating friends who do not smoke. meanwhile, if you love to smoke with the water pipe, check out the recommended bongs under $100 in the online store. Having a good bong can make your smoking experience smoother, more enjoyable, and it’s also giving you the cleaner smokes.

Drink coffee while smoking

Research results in America led by Dana B. Hancock show, smoking together with drinking coffee is useful to avoid Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is a gradual degeneration of nerve cells in the central brain that regulates body movement. The symptoms that many people know about Parkinson’s disease are tremor or tremor.

In addition to health, smoking while drinking coffee also adds to the pleasure of worship cigarettes. For you smokers, cigarettes and coffee may be something that can not be separated.

Routine exercise

One time my friend who did not smoke never say after playing futsal. Why can I stay strong in futsal despite smoking? I do not know, but I say, I only play futsal routine. At least once a week. I also not once found some friends who have physical problems, while exercising. Get tired and so forth.

After all, the sports are the way of life in the life that cannot be abandoned. It’s human nature: the more moving, the more it will make the body healthier.

Until now, as a smoker, I have the belief that cigarettes are not the only cause of one’s body illness. Rather, an unhealthy lifestyle that causes many of the diseases appears. Especially less exercise.