With the development of technology, the more simple the gadgets are produced. In fulfilling the needs there are also simple things in its realization, one of which is audio needs for every day. Already many on the market regarding quality audio speakers, but not everyone is able to do maintenance so that the speakers they buy are durable and long lasting. This is one of the problems that often exist in the community that when they buy speakers, they forget what kind of care they have to do. Even the most sophisticated speaker bose soundlink mini 2 also requires care that is not simple. If you are still unfamiliar with the speaker and maintenance, you may be able to see at room temperature. This does not seem important, but for some things, simple things like this are among the most possible in treatment, one of which is room temperature.

If anyone asks, what is the connection between room temperature and speaker care?

Of course, there is. In its use, Bluetooth speakers are indeed more practical, but that does not mean you can forget the most important part is the room temperature. If your room temperature is hot, the result is a decrease in the performance of the speaker itself. So you have to make sure that the room temperature where you use the Bluetooth speaker is cool or if possible, not exposed to direct sunlight. Another thing that concerns you as the owner of portable speakers is the humidity of the room. This is one of the important factors in the care of your portable speaker. If the room temperature is too humid then what happens is a decrease in the quality of the sound produced by the speakers you buy. If you want to know, the best use of Bluetooth speakers is those outside the room, but you should pay attention so that their use is not exposed to direct sunlight and if it rains, avoid being exposed to water droplets or later causing corrosion inside or rusting.