Current technological developments have shifted from desktop to mobile. This can be seen from the number of users who are increasingly dependent on mobile devices, where almost every day they cannot escape the use of smartphones and tablets. This is further reinforced by several studies that show that the use of mobile devices will continue to increase. Sure, you can benefit from the presence of Zapable to gather the target audience and create sales.

In business, to be able to develop or even survive in this digital era, we must be able to learn how to utilize and maximize mobile technology. The obstacle that is often faced is that we don’t know where to start. Smartphones and tablets today really really dominate the mobile world. Moreover, tablet devices are more widely used than laptops because they are more convenient and practical to carry everywhere. If you have a site that has been optimized for mobile devices, make sure that it is also optimized for tablets so that it can provide a good experience for users. Here are some important things to know about current digital marketing updates.

Instagram TV

To celebrate one billion users of Instagram, Instagram launched IGTV. What’s cool about this IGTV? You can now upload videos for 10 minutes. Extended video/play time duration means you can let viewers watch more of your products and services.

Google Adwords Becomes Google Adds

Well, 18 years after the launch of Google AdWords, now, it is known as Google Ads. Together with machine learning, this makes the advertising platform one of the most powerful tools to grow your online business. Other updates will be announced in Google Marketing.

See All Ads on Facebook

You can now spy on Facebook advertisements for your competitors publicly. All you have to do is click on the Facebook page, then click on the small icon (Info and Advertisements) located in the right corner. Next, click “Active Ads”. And you can also see all Facebook Ads from every Facebook page now. Instead of using a third party account to spy on Facebook Ads for free, now you can do it more easily. It’s time to learn from the best ads, and apply what you learn from your competitors!