The condo is one of the most favorite residential choices for people in big cities. Until recently, such condo became one of the best residential options. Many of the potential buyers consider the facilities and conveniences offered, although the price is quite high which means not everyone can afford a unit of a condo. To choose the best unit that suits your needs, there are some things to watch out for. Yes, you can keep those things in mind when you get ready to check out the Sims Urban Oasis.

– Learn Developer Track Record

Learn the track record of developers. If you buy an apartment, you are 100% dependent on the developer. Many cases of apartment buildings abandoned and have not occurred because the developers have problems.

– Location Survey

Conduct an apartment location survey. Usually, people buy apartments in locations close to the workplace or the middle of town. The goal obviously saves fuel and saves travel time. So do not buy an apartment just because the price is cheap.

– Expand Options

Do not just rely on one choice apartment. Before buying a time to get around and ask about the price and value (location, facilities, other benefits). If you need a quiet residence, then stay as far away condo close to bars, discos, entertainment venues or executive lounges.

– Recognize Additional Facilities

Always recognize public facilities around your residence, eg hospitals, police stations, bus stops, schools, campuses, office centers, shopping malls, and MRT stations.

– Find Out Your Needs

When you buy a condo, pay attention to the type of condo that is right for your needs. There are also considerations in terms of size. In other words, another important thing to note is to find units that suit your needs, do not desire. Avoid prestige to buy residential shelter, to keep your finances healthy.